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VanEssential TERN Overland Bunk Window Cover

VanEssential TERN Overland Bunk Window Cover

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Don't want to use the factory blind and screen options that comes with your window? We now have a solution that gives bug/screen protection AND insulation with a radiant heat barrier for your window.  

Available for all 11 Tern Overland window sizes, simply install our included 3M VHB metal tab kit to your frame trim ring and attach our magnetic window cover into place. The window cover rolls up in place with hidden magnets stitched on the inside allowing it to stay in place while keeping the bug screen where it needs to be across the open window. 

NOTE: Our window cover sizes match Tern Overland product sizes, not the blind screen or cut out size. Additional information can be found on Tern Overland's website. 

What’s Included

[1] Window Cover + Bug Screen
[1] 3M Adhesive Metal Tab Kit 

All VanEssential bunk window covers come with an installation kit. This kit has metal tabs and 3M adhesive tabs that are needed to adhere to the aluminum window frame so that the magnets inside the window can attach. This process takes approximately 10 mins to install for each window. An isopropyl cleaning cloth is included to help clean the window frame before adhering the metal tabs.

Installing metal mounting tabs for Bunk Windows:

-Clean your window frame to remove any dust with isopropyl wipe.

-Remove one side of the VHB tape tabs and attach to metal tab. Repeat for all metal tabs supplied.

-CAUTION: Try not touch the adhesive side on VHB Tape as oil from your hands might ruin the adhesive.

-Hold your window cover up to the window frame to identify where the metal mounting tabs should go. The tabs need to match up with the magnets inside the window cover trim.

-Peel the backing off the other side of VHB tape on the metal tab and stick to the clean window frame where they align up to the magnets. Repeat for all magnet locations.

-Attach the window cover to the frame and you're all done!

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Key Features

Versatile Color Options.

Offered in Charcoal Gray or Cool Gray to suit your style.

Made From Recycled Materials.

Fabric content is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.