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Mercedes Sprinter Dog Platform

Mercedes Sprinter Dog Platform

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Here at Out There Vans, we are firm believers that your little travel companion deserves to look out at the open road too! Our dog Dandelion does not ride well in our van unless she can see out of a window, which led us to create the Dog Platform. Now she can look around while we are on the road, while also riding in an area where we can make sure she is tethered in and safe! 

Style Options

Now offered in two finishes:
(1) Natural unfinished Baltic Birch: the more budget friendly option, ready for you to paint or stain and seal to match your color scheme.
(2) Sealed with boiled Linseed Oil: The premium option for best longevity on the road. Sealant is clear, however gives the wood a slightly more pronounced brown color (pictured in listing).



- Designed to fit between the Mercedes Sprinter factory bucket seats
- Top panel is notched on the driver side for universal compatibility with both the manual or electronic parking brake spec'd vans.
- CNC manufactured for a precise fit
- Constructed from premium 3/4" Baltic Birch
- Slides in between seats for a snug fit, but side notches allow for a bungee hold down for extra platform security (bungee cord not included)
- Our beautiful Dandelion (dog pictured) weighs 30 lbs. Platform stands sturdy with a 170 lb person on it. Weight capacity is best assessed in terms of the comfort of the size of dog between you and your passenger.
- Quick setup & removal for easy storage once you arrive to your destination!
- Platform sits roughly 1" below the top of the seat cushion, accounting for a medium size dog bed or crate pad to be able to add some comfort for your dog.


Important Notes

- Dog platforms are designed specifically to fit the dimensions of individual van platforms. Photos featuring dogs may be on platforms in ProMaster, Sprinter or Transit vans. All of these platforms utilize the same functional principles, just with the adjustment of dimensions defined within the van chassis. This listing is specifically for a Mercedes Sprinter Dog Platform.

This is a natural wood product. Variations in wood grain and color are natural and are not a product defect. If you purchase the unfinished dog platform, you will need to either prime and paint or stain and seal this product for its longevity. If left unfinished, the wood is more likely to warp or become damaged due to the temperature and humidity fluctuations that naturally occur in a van. We recommend using exterior grade finishes for our products for optimal performance and durability. 

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