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VanEssential Soft-Sided Upper Storage Cabinets

VanEssential Soft-Sided Upper Storage Cabinets

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If you're looking for a more flexible storage solution for your van conversion than permanent wood or metal cabinets, VanEssential's new modular system is for you. Designed to provide you with ample overhead storage space in the rear of your van, these soft sided cabinets ensure your gear is organized and out of the way but easily accessible. 

Available in three sizes:
-Small (24")
-Medium (36")
-Large (48")


Cabinets are universally sized to accommodate most vans and DIY solutions. VanEssential has maximized storage space on every inch of them by including mesh pockets on the sides/bottom, a zippered and mesh pocket on each door, interior dividing shelves for added organization, and multiple exterior daisy chains for bungee or carabiner compatibility. 

Hardware includes: 4 bolts, 4 metal lock washers, 4 rubber washers, 4 metal washers, and 4 plastic lock knobs.

The cabinets are 14.75” deep x 16.75” tall x 24”, 36” or 48” wide. 


Each cabinet arrives flatpack, pops into shape and stays in place once assembled with included dividers. Mounts with Venture Track (NOT INCLUDED) by sliding the included bolts into place, aligning through the proprietary oval holding rings at the top and tightening the knob for secure storage. Once the cabinet is in place it won't move until you want it to. Each oval holding ring has 2 inches of leeway to accommodate DIY builds and track position in the vans. 

L-Track Installation Specifications:

  • Works with all styles/shapes of Venture Track
  • Wall Venture Track - Measure 12.5 inches from corner to center of L-Track on the wall for center of mounting hole
  • Ceiling Venture Track - Measure 12.5 inches from corner to center of Venture Track on the ceiling for center of mounting hole

**Venture Track Is Not Included with Cabinets** - Sold Separately Here

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