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VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Windshield Cover

VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Windshield Cover

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Keep light out and privacy in with this VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Windshield Cover. Made with 5.0mm double faced aluminum insulation, this cover offers superior temperature regulation and no light leakage. And thanks to its 6 integrated fiberglass rods, this cover will stay stiffly in place without any sag.

Note: This front windshield cover is compatible with all Mercedes-Benz vans built from 2007 to current models. It works with all sizes of technology boxes and with or without rear view mirrors.

What’s Included

[1] Front Windshield Window Cover
[1] Storage Sack

Instead of suction cups or velcro to hold this windshield cover in place, VanEssential uses integrated fiberglass rods to create stiffness. VanEssential also uses a proprietary double hook tension system to grab under the headliner and stick to the glass for the best possible fit. 

To install your Front Windshield Cover:

  • Place window cover on dash and open completely with the black fabric facing outward. 
  • Push window cover completely down deep into where the window's glass meets the dash. No need to push hard, just make sure it is seated correctly across the entire length of the window.
  • Vans with rear view mirror, lift up the window cover and wrap around the rear view mirror one side at a time with the cut out. Use the magnet to close around it. If you have a technology box or don't have rear view mirror, use the provided hooks that go under the headliner and once hooked on, pull cord locks on either side to pull up close to the glass. If you don't need them, they can be either not used or removed.
  • Roll your hand across the top of one side of the cover to the side of the van and pull down sun visor to hold in place. Repeat step on the other side.
  • If you have light leakage coming in, push the window cover into these gaps to best seal it up.
  • To remove window cover, reverse the process. 
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Key Features

Versatile Color Options.

Offered in Charcoal Gray or Cool Gray to suit your style.

Made From Recycled Materials.

Fabric content is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.