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Van Wife Components

Van Wife Components Stealth Blackout Curtain

Van Wife Components Stealth Blackout Curtain

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The Stealth Blackout Curtain allows you to simply close a curtain each night to create privacy. The curtain is tailored from heavy duty diamond rip stop fabric to the curves of the van and includes carefully placed magnetic and tie closures to block light from leaving the van, which would ruin stealth mode. This curtain is a must have for anyone planning on urban camping in their van! The curtain simply ties back to stay out of the way when not in use. The curtain also helps tremendously with heat blockage from the front of the van while trying to stay cool in the back.

The Stealth Blackout Curtain is designed to accommodate diesel heater vents under the front seat, so intentionally does not reach the floor. Also, magnets on the sides of the curtain will need metal to stick to. If you have plastic or fabric over your metal, plan to tuck the curtain under something or add metal clips to magnetize to on one or both sides.

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