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VanEssential MaxxAir Roof Vent Cover

VanEssential MaxxAir Roof Vent Cover

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The sun may rise but with the help of this VanEssential fan vent cover, you can catch some extra zzz's. Designed to fit the MaxxAir Fan or Fantastic Fan with a 16.5″ x 16.5″ flange, this cover minimizes light leakage and offers superior temperature regulation thanks to VanEssential's automotive grade insulation.

 With a new and improved design, this vent cover now has 3 folds and can be folded back and secured into place on the flange for daytime use. The edges of the cover are updated with a soft material that seals out light better than ever.

What’s Included

[1] Fan Vent Cover
[1] Installation Kit: 13 magnets (12 for installation, 1 spare)
[1] Storage Sack


VanEssential roof vent covers are supplied with an installation kit. This kit has 11 magnets (10 for installation, 1 for spare just in case a magnet is cracked). This process takes approximately 10 minutes to install. Tools needed are a Philip head screw driver and some painters or other tape with the steps outlined below. 

  • Remove the fan/vent flange from the interior of your van (most are attached with four screws)
  • Place the window cover on a flat surface with the tag side facing down
  • Place the flange on top of the cover so that the flat surface rests on the cover
  • Place the included magnets on the flange so that they snap into place with the magnets inside the fan cover.
  • Use painters tape (or similar) to secure the magnets in place.
  • Install the flange back into your van. 
  • Your vent cover can now attach into place when needed.
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Key Features

Versatile Color Options.

Offered in Charcoal Gray or Cool Gray to suit your style.

Made From Recycled Materials.

Fabric content is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.