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VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Crew Window Cover

VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Crew Window Cover

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Whether you're stealth camping or in the mood for an unobstructed view of your surroundings, VanEssential has you covered. This Crew Window cover is easily configurable to your privacy preference of full coverage, half up, or full visibility.

Note: The crew window location is the first row, across from the sliding door, just behind the driver. This product now comes with a built in T vent split and can store in place in the window frame when not in use and now will also fold sideways for AMA, Van Windows Direct or other branded sliding vented windows.

VanEssential currently makes four types of window covers that are compatible with Mercedes-Benz vans built from 2007 to current model. Read  below to see which cover will best fit your van.

If you are unsure about anything, please email us a picture of your window prior to ordering and we'll can confirm compatibility. 

Window Style Options


These covers are designed to accommodate the factory glass or aftermarket vented windows WITH A BARE METAL FRAME AROUND IT. 

If your van has factory plastic trim or emergency window remaining in place, the magnet strength should grab through the plastic trim. This Cargo/Passenger crew window cover option also has velcro stitched along the top that can be used to additionally adhere the window cover in place along the top of crew windows with factory plastic trim. VanEssential includes VHB velcro tape with each Cargo/Passenger window cover. Please clean the plastic before adhering the VHB to the top of the window frame.

This crew window cover option does NOT work with custom framed window boxes or if furniture and other items are blocking the window.

ADVENTURE WAGON KITS: or people with framing covering the window pocket are now supported with this smaller crew window cover. This grabs on to the small bare metal flat section around the glass and should accommodate all aftermarket windows installed in that section. For best installation with Adventure Wagon Kits, you will need to tuck the window cover in about 1/4 inch to get the best light blocking seal. Alternatively you can buy the larger Cargo/Passenger cover and put magnets (sold separately) behind the wall panel and the magnets will grab through there. This Adventure Wagon cover works best with factory glass, AMA or VWD windows. If you have a CRL window that is framed in, the  CRL FW621L Direct Fit crew window cover is the better choice. 

CRL FW621L DIRECT FIT: Should your build have a framed in window right up to the clamp ring on your CRL window, this is a smaller window cover that fits the exact shape of the window frame clamp ring and comes with a metal tab kit to allow the magnets to grab onto the ring shape. 

STORYTELLER WINDOW BOX: This is new to the collection as so many have asked for an upgrade to this window box location. This cover folds up in place and can open one side to the other and comes in both colors. 

What’s Included

[1] Crew Window Cover
[1] Storage sack

  • Place cover in the window with straps at the top and black fabric facing outward.
  • To store window cover, fold from the bottom and secure with straps along the top.
  • Additional magnets are installed inside cover so it can be flipped up to allow partial light in or allow use with CRL T-vent windows. 
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Key Features

Versatile Color Options.

Offered in Charcoal Gray or Cool Gray to suit your style.

Made From Recycled Materials.

Fabric content is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.